3 assignment grasshopper

1- First we have to write in command grasshopper, then we have that we will have to go to file and select new document. Then in rhino click in perspective to see it better.

2- We will have to put in one middle of the screen rhino and the other part grasshopper.


3- The next step is to draw a circle, we will have to go to curve, then in primitive we need to seleCirct the command circle and then drop it were you want. Then we go to change the plane and then to vector, click on the command YZ plane, then drop it wherever you want..

4- Then you have to connect the small semicircle of YZ to the P that is on cir.


5- then you have to go to params  go to input and select the command number slider and again you can drop it wherever you want. Go over slider with the right bottom and then click edit, suddenly it will appear a page that you will have to change the digits from 3 to 0. Then you will have to click on max and write 20. Finally you will have to click OK.


6- Then we will have to connect radius with cir (R)


7- next press curve, then you have to click on division and press the command perpendicular frames and drop it.

PFrames real

8- First we have to select radius, then we have to press control and v and  repeat this  but with finally you have to connect count with PFrames (N) and we have to put it in 16.

9- You can put the switch swetch and select only the things you want to see.

10-The next thing you have to do is go to vector vector2point and select construct a pointx. Then you have to copy the radius by pressing first control c and then control v. Then you have to connect x coordinates with the x of pt.

construct a point11- Go to maths mathsthen click on operatorsoperators and chose negative and then you have to put it between value and first pt. When you have finished that you have to click on curvecurve, spiline  and then press on curve on surface.spiline

12- Then you have to connect Pframes with CrvSrf. Then you have to connect pt with CrvSrf and press shift and then connect the other y of pt to CrvSrf uv and then pt with c of CrvSrf and finally the other pt with c of CrvSrf.

13- Connect neg with Y of pt and value with Y of pt and then disconnect X of pt to value.

14- Then go to params params, select primitive primitive reaLand click on the command integer integer real. Click on it with the right bottom of your mouse then select setinteger then click on 180 and then to Copy on slider.

15- To multiply 180 you have to go to maths maths  and click over operators operators and select multiplication multiplication. Then you have to connect 180 with A of A B and the A to A B. Then you have to put Bin in 1.

16- For creating a range you have to go to sets setsselect sequence sequenceand click on rangerange also you have to connect A B to Range. The next thing is to connect Count with Range.

17- Go to transform then to euclidean and click on the firs rotate that appears. Y ou have to connect C of CrvSrf with G of Rotate, the R of Range with A of Rotate, press control and connect F of PFrames with P of Rotate.

18- Then go to Maths select trigtrig and click on Radiansrc. Drop it between Rages and Rotate. Then press control and go back words with the connection of R of Range and A of Rotate and connect R of Range to D of Rad and R of Rad to A of Rotate.

19- Go to surface surface select Freeform freeform and click on top of Loft loft. Then connect G of Rotate with C of loft. Then go to the blue bottom blue and press on it, then select high cuality.

20-To put it in Rhino you have to go to solutions and click on Bake Selected.