4 assignment scratch



1- Open Scratch that is an orange cat, is a program to create video games.

2- When you had opened you have to select the orange cat and click on it with the right buttom of your mouse and then delete. To get a new one go to new sprite new sprite and click on chose sprite from librarynuevo personaje, go to theme, select space and click spaceship, click on it twice. Go to shrinkshriktto decrease the size and click several times on the spaceship.


3- Go to eventsevents and select the green flag when selected, then drop it on the other side also you have to go to control controland click on if thenif then.

4- Then go to sensingssensings and select the key  and put it on the top of if then. Go to space and click on the right arrow also you have to go to motion and select change x by 10change by and drop it inside if then.key

5- Go again to controlcontrol and click on foreverforever, then you have to connect it to if then and now you can move the spaceship to the right.


6- The next thing is to select the green flag when selected and click on it with the right button and copy. Then put -10 instead of 10 in change x by 10 and in the right arrow left arrow and now you can move it to the left and right.

7- To move the spaceship up and down you have to copy, then you have to delete change by x and put change by y and put up arrow instead of left arrow and -10, do the same to go down but you have to put down arrow and 10.

8- Go to new sprite new sprite and select the brush brush then click on the rectangle rectangle and draw it in green and smaller than the spaceshipgreen in the point of the middle.

9- Select the rectangle, go to scripts scrips.

10- To move the green bar go to eventsevents, select the green flagwhen selected, then go to controlcontrol and select forever and click on if then and also click on repeat until and drop it on the right side.

11- Then go to sensingssensings and and select the key. You have to put the key on if thenif then.

12- Go to motion motionand click on go to x: y:Captura.PNG and Put in it inside the last change. Go to sensing and click on x: y: position of Sprite1 two times and put it inside of the go to x: y: and write spaceship instead of sprite 1.
13- Then go to lookslooks, select showshow and drop it below go to x: y: and inside of if then.

14- To copy you have to cover over go to, use the right button of your mouse and copy, duplicate the structure only of go to and showshow, and connect it to the green flagwhen selected, delete show and instead of it we will replace it with hidehide that is on looks.

15-  Take the forever and put it under hidehide and then put all the other elements inside forever (if then, go to x: y:, show, repeat until, go to x: y: and hide).

16- Then go to motionmotion and select change y by 10 so when you click on space bar it goes up. Copy go to x: y:and hide and put it under repeat until.


17- To chose the enemy go to chose sprite from library and select the starfishs, go to shrinkshrikt and click on the starfish several times until it gets smaller than the spaceship.