6 assignment 3d printer

first you need to go to youimagine , go to search and search Ultimaker robot and you should click on these one

  click here to go to these page


then you need to click download and open it with a yellow box and it should open a yellow robot

parts of a 3d printer



Basic settings: Quality

The height of each layer. For print quality and printing time this is the most important setting. Usual settings: 0.2mm->low quality print, 0.1mm-> medium quality print and 0.06mm-> high cuality print.

Shell thickness

The thickness of the side shells is the thickness of the side walls. Increasing it improves thestrength of the part.


Pulling the filament back when moving over. Reduces the amount of thin lines between printed parts. The thin lines are called strings.

Basic settings: Fill

Is the outer shell thickness on the top and bottom. Increasing this will make a stronger part, and depending on your model, it will make for better solid tops.

The bottom/top thickness:

Is the thickness of the top and the bottom of your object.

Fill Density:

This will make your figures stronger.

Printing Speed:

Speed of the 3D printer to print (if the speed is low it will take more time to do a figure than if the speed is higher).

Printing temperature:

Temperature of the filament when are making the object.

Bed temperature:

Temperature of the platform where the object is made.

Support types:

Supports are structures printed below the printed object that parts that otherwise it will be impossible to print it. There are two types: structures that  need to touch the platform and other  that they can  touch the top of your model.

Platform adhesive type:

This help to prevent object from lifting due the warping. There are two types: Brim, adds to the object a flat area around, which is easy to cut afterwards; Raft, adds a thick raster below the object and a thin interface between this and your object.


Diameter of your filament

Nozzle size

Size of your nozzle

and then you have finish the settings of cura